Meet Mr. Tang

Mr. Tang is Mia’s dad. Every day, Mr. Tang and his wife clean the rooms of the motel while Mia takes care of the front desk. He works hard at his job, even though the hours are long and sometimes it’s difficult to sleep because of the many customers who check in through the night. Still, he persists in order to provide for his family. Before working at the Calivista, Mr. Tang was an assistant fryer at a Chinese restaurant. 

A black-haired man with light skin in a white t-shirt and jeans holding a mop

Fun Facts:

  • He used to be a scientist in China
  • When he’s not cleaning, he searches for pennies, including the 1943 copper alloy penny, which is worth $40,000!
  • He believes in fate
  • He also believes sometimes a mistake is an opportunity