A National Bestseller!

Mia Tang is playing to win in KEY PLAYER, the 4th book in the award-winning FRONT DESK Series!


The Women’s World Cup is coming to Anaheim, and everyone has soccer fever — especially Mia! The U.S. team is playing China in the finals, and Mia feels like her two identities are finally coming together. But when her P.E. teacher gives her a C, Mia tries to score interviews with the two women’s teams to pull up her grade. It’s not so easy when . . .




The two teams are hunkered down in secret hotels in Pasadena and not taking any media requests.

Mr. Yao is back at the motel — as a co-owner! Jason is sure his dad deserves a second chance. Mia is not so sure.

Mia’s parents are trying to buy a house of their very own, which turns out to be a LOT harder than they thought!

As Mia aims for her goals, she’ll have to face strikers from all corners, and her own fears. But if anyone can find a way to win big, it’s Mia Tang!


Praise for Key Player

"Yang scores another win! A heartwarming story about living your own life fully, even in the face of obstacles!"
-Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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