A New York Times Bestseller!

Mia Tang is back! After years of hard work, the Tangs and Hank finally go on vacation!

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New York Times bestselling author Kelly Yang is back with another heartwarming and inspiring story of Mia and friends!

Mia Tang is going for her dreams!

After years of hard work, Mia Tang finally gets to go on vacation with her family -- to China! A total dream come true! Mia can't wait to see all her cousins and grandparents again, especially her cousin Shen. As she roams around Beijing, witnessing some of the big changes China's going through, Mia thinks about the changes in her own life, like . . .




Lupe's taking classes at the high school! And Mia's own plans to be a big writer are . . . stuck.

Something happened with Jason and Mia has no idea what to do about it.

New buildings are popping up all around the motel, and small businesses are disappearing.

Can the Calivista survive? Buckle up! Mia is more determined than ever to get through the turbulence, now that she finally has . . . room to dream!


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Praise for Room To Dream

⭐ "Yang sensitively presents issues like racism, consent, and gentrification in an accessible and engaging manner."

-- Booklist, starred review

⭐ "Fans of this series that keeps going strong will devour this latest entry."

-- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Awards for Room To Dream

Best Book of the Month - Amazon

Best Book of the Year - Bank Street Center for Children's Literature

Book of the Year - The Week Jr